Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability includes all aspects of our business, including the environment, materials, community, packaging, living wage and reducing our carbon footprint. We are proudly a sustainable, ethical and environmentally harmonious business, but do not rest on our laurels and continue to constantly review and improve our sustainability practices within our workplace in Australia, as well as with our production partners globally. We hold ourselves accountable for the impact our brand creates, every step of the production line and along every step we harmonise our impact through partnerships with Trees4Trees where one tree is planted for every item of furniture sold, as well as offsetting our carbon by working with green logistics companies like Green Fleet, who monitor our carbon emissions and replant native trees within Australia as a method of offsetting. We use and source ethically made, sourced and dyed fabrics. We support local communities in developing countries by providing work and education to our makers, we also preferentially women-owned-and-run business and Indonesia, Mexico and Australia to support and empower women in the workplace.




Since 2015, Worn has been strongly committed to producing furniture and clothing in an environmentally harmonious way. We monitor and research all stages of the production process, from the sourcing and treatments of our timbers, leathers and fabrics, to the workplaces conditions in which they are made, our pattern making processes to reduce wastage and finally, the methods in which our products are packaged, shipped and received.

At the point of our furniture production in Indonesia, we use timbers from regenerative forests which not only replant trees one-for-one, but also empty and educate farmers to take part in the regeneration. We partner with Trees4Trees in our regeneration commitment.

We monitor and track our carbon emissions in partnership with Greet Fleet. For each shipment of furniture we send from Indonesia to Australia, our carbons are clocked and native trees are planted in Australia to offset these emissions.

Sadly, two of the forests Green Fleet have been regenerating were lost in the recent bush fires, if you would like to donate to them, to further help their efforts in recreating habits for our native wildlife, you can click here




All of our materials, including leather and timber, cotton and linen are sourced in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Our timber is sourced from regenerative forests and sustainably farmed to ensure for each tree used in the production of Worn, another tree is planted in its place

 In addition to this, for each piece of furniture sold, we plant a tree in partnership with the Trees 4 Trees foundation which employs local farmers to help plant seedlings and sustainably and regrow forests in Indonesia. The Trees 4 Trees foundation also educates farmers on regenerative farming practices, and employs them to plant the tress for their partner businesses.

 Our leather is sourced sustainably and the hides we use are a by product of animals farmed for eating purposes. We do not use chemical dyes on our leather.

 Our clothing collections utilise a range of ethical and sustainable production practises. Including sourcing end of roll fabrics that have been discarded from international fashion houses, to using fair trade certified organic cottons and linens. We also do not use man-made materials or any materials are that not 100% biodegradable.

We also do not purchase fabrics from certain global locations to ensure we avoid contributing to the environmental pollution and wastage crisis. We are also certified B Corp members.

The natural woven materials we use for our hats and bags are farmed from local farms in Indonesia, and hand woven using traditional techniques. We do use chemicals, toxins or plastics in any stage of our production process.

The two businesses we work with on our woven accessories are both family owned and run. Working conditions and prices are set by the owners of these business and their income goes directly to their family and larger community.




Since the beginning of Worn in 2015, we have been committed to working with local traditional Indonesia craftsmen, especially women, to produce our products. From furniture to clothing and accessories, the businesses we partner with are family-owned and the people we work with set their own rates of pay and conditions of sale. In most cases each business employs their direct and extended families members, and the contribution of Worn’s orders to these local businesses contributes not only to the economic stability of the family who own the business, but the entire community.

Where possible, we employ women and families who own their own businesses, rather than outsource to factories. 




We are a plastic free company and all of our packaging is recyclable and/or compostable.

Our clothing and accessories are shipped from our makers using poly bags made from potato starch which are entirely compostable. We then send these onwards to our customers in postal satchels which are also 100% compostable.

 Our furniture is shipped globally using rigid cardboard boxes corrugated cardboard, all made from recycled cardboard. Our packing tape is also made from recycled materials.