We Are Worn

Founded in 2015 by partners in business and in life, Lia-Belle King and Lotte Barnes-King created a brand dedicated to designing and producing furniture and apparel in line with strict sustainability guidelines, when at the time 'sustainable' wasn't even a buzzword.

Living in Indonesia reconnected the pair to the importance of respecting and living harmoniously with the earth. If furniture and clothing is to be made, then let's make it with as little environmental impact as possible. And so it was.

Starting with a single chair, Worn Store, now based in Byron Bay, is now an all encompassing lifestyle brand, demonstrating the capabilities of what sustainable production means, without compromising on quality or accessibility.

Through business growth and evolution, through design advancement and public demand, Worn Store continues to practice and improve its original sustainability practices whereby only working directly with makers, never factories, with makers setting their own rates of pay, as well as audits on workplace conditions and full production transparency to the consumer. Every furniture product is made using timber from reforesting plantations, zero chemicals and toxic finishes, and for every furniture product sold a tree is planted in its place on Indonesian soil, and a native tree planted on Australian soil. The Worn ready-to-wear collection utilises only organic and natural fabrications and all makers of our clothing are self employed contractors living in Australia and Indonesia. The empowerment Worn provides through their production partnerships is authentic, rare, and sets a precedent.

Care, responsibility and quality are the three key concepts at the heart of Worn Store, along with the goal to educate consumers that it is possible to design beautiful pieces for the home, and to wear, that are both environmentally aware and sustainably made. 

"It is our hope that when you receive your little piece of Worn Store, that you're able to feel the energetic exchange from every person who positively contributed to its production.

Thank you for reading our story, and for supporting our vision."

Lia-Belle and Lotte xx 



From Left to Right, Lia-Belle, Ophelia and Lotte

Photograph by Jess Ruby James