Partners in business, and in life, Lia-Belle King and Lotte Barnes grew and nurtured Worn Store from the simple concept of creating a consumable object that was free from ego and ethically transparent in its manufacturing. Making something that was as beautiful, as it was sustainable and accessible. 

In 2015, Worn Store launched its first product. The Sling Chair. Hand made by a local Indonesian craftsman, the timber was sourced from a regenerative forest, and the leather free from chemical dyes and treatments. The frame was carved by hand, the leather stretched and sewn by hand. The leather offcuts were then repurposed into small leather goods that the craftsmen sold at markets and created for themselves, a second income. The Worn Store production team, started with two, this craftsmen and his brother,  and has now grown to employ many families, all of whom make products for Worn Store by hand in a sustainable way. They set their own rates of pay, and their income goes directly to them. The work generated by Worn Store allows entire families and communities to thrive and this is a responsibility Lia-Belle and Lotte have taken onboard, as business owners striving to create and produce in a way that benefits people and the environment.

Soon, that one chair grew into a collection, and that collection included side tables or 'Tabourets'. And a small sustainably made Resort clothing collection has now evolved into a three season a year offering that is sold in boutiques around the world.

Through business growth and evolution, through design advancement and public demand, Worn Store continues to practice its original sustainability practices with zero compromises and continues to work with the same craftsmen in addition to improving and reducing their production footprint with every delivery.

Care, responsibility and quality are the three key concepts at the heart of Worn Store, along with the goal to educate consumers that it is possible to design beautiful, practical and affordable pieces that are both environmentally aware and sustainably made. To remind people that it is possible to package orders in biodegradable materials along every single step of the production line, and it is possible to give back to the environment, and to your customers, for every little bit that you take.

"It is our hope that when you receive your little piece of Worn Store, that you're able to feel the energetic exchange from every person who contributed to its production. The purchase of your item empowered a person, and it empowered the environment, wear that dress or shirt or the pants, and live with that chair or that Tabouret and feel a part of that empowerment. 

Thank you for reading our story, and our supporting our vision."

Lia-Belle and Lotte xx