Beautiful Mutants and Swallowing Geography by Deborah Levy


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Early Levy comprises two pioneering early works by Man Booker-shortlisted writer Deborah Levy.

Beautiful Mutants - Lapinski, a manipulative and magical Russian exile, summons forth a number of highly contemporary urban pilgrims. Through them, Levy explores broken dreams and self-destructive desires in a shimmering, dislocated allegory of its times. & Swallowing Geography - Like her namesake Jack Kerouac, J.K. is always on the road, travelling Europe with her typewriter in a pillowcase. From J.K.'s irreverent, ironic perspective, Levy charts a new, dizzying, end-of-the-century world of shifting boundaries and displaced peoples.

"She storms through the back door, refusing to be weighed down with rationalist and aesthetic baggage...[This] is a world on the brink of destruction but it's going down with a barnyard laugh and an explosive extravagance of imagination". (Blitz). "It throbs its way into the imagination like the unguided missile it decries".

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