The Cylinder Tote

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The Cylinder is our tote of choice, offering a generous and practically sized bucket, easy to sling on shoulder straps, and made from durable a natural woven fiber.

With touch of naivety in it’s design,  think ‘Jane-Birkin goes to the south of France and frolicks in a field of daisies’ vibe, it’s the ideal accompaniment to denim jeans and cotton dresses, to cashmere sweaters and canvas sneakers.

Durable enough to carry a heavy novel and your refillable eco water bottle, spacious enough to carry your farmers markets haul and all the things required for those long beachy days.

The Cylinder Tote is handmade by an Indonesian family Worn owners Lotte and Lia-Belle met and befriended when living in Bali. Each piece is free from chemicals and the materials are sun-dried prior to weaving.

Size: 31cm w x 33cm h x 20cm d

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