Ritual ‘Kendi’ Pouring Vessel ‘sourced by Worn’

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Formal ritual pouring vessel, handmade terracotta with narrow spout

Age unknown however this particular style dates back to 15th century AD in Java, Central Indonesia

“The kendi is a well-known form in the Southeast Asian repertoire of vessels, and it has played a significant role in the rituals and daily life of the region since ancient times. It appears in sculpture and painting as an attribute often held in a hand of the Hindu gods Brahma and Shiva, Maitreya the future Buddha and the compassionate Avalokitesvara (in Mahayana Buddhism). It was used as a ritual container for holy water, collected from sacred rivers and blessed by the gods, in the coronation ceremony of a king, who cleansed himself with the water as a symbol of purification”

In excellent condition and very special piece for any home


Height: 40cm

Width and widest point: 24cm

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