JANE Issue two

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Timeless entities.
Abrupt and confrontational.
Their effortless nature and austere allure harness an innate ability to remain nonchalantly but furiously relevant.
Elements of nostalgia collide beautifully with fragments of graceful escape.
A fragile balancing act as moments of pure reality are captured without limitation.
Truthful portrayals abandon fleeting temptation, diligently disciplined in a refusal to become predictable.
Ageless archives intricately laced with connotations of unwavering vision.
A dedication to the authentic.
The artful.
The timeless and the real.
To a simplicity strengthened by normality. A normality that becomes beautiful in the light of its imperfections.
To a beauty undone, all-enduring in its endless significance.
An unfaltering muse. As effortlessly understated as it is significantly timeless.

jane. is a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot entirely on film and printed on paper. The magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion and poetry. Changing the perception that print is disposable, jane. is a slow art movement that has been created with consideration and creative freedom to provide an authentic, progressive, and timeless vision and voice. Slowing down the creation and consumption of art, jane. is devoted to the art of storytelling, offering real and authentic ideas that are guided only by creativity.


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A monthly publication dedicated to the people that inspire us, and the objects that keep our daily routine interesting. It is the essence of thoughtful acquisition, of self-care and universal harmony.




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