At the table with Carter Were

Carter Were is an honest to goodness good cook. She plates food that reflects her humble and vibrant character, and surrounding the food, her home echos the same tunes. Nurtured, humble, vibrant.


Carters love of the garden spills from her fingertips and into each meal. For friends, family and even strangers the greens are grown, prepared and presented from seedling to sandwich. A lifecycle born from the hands of Carter Were, and a delicious one at that.


Carter lives with her partner Jack, Mindy the dog, a few cows, lots of chickens. Jack is a musician in the band The Babe Rainbow (get a taste here) and is also a fantastic gardener, together they are expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks.


These photos were taken on a visit to Carter’s home, where photographer Amelia Fullerton and I were presented with a lunch of garden grown salad and warm frittata, followed by a poached pear and ricotta tart as soft and as crumbly as they come. Carter also made pear and rosemary sourdough and we each ate a slice loaded with butter. It was the perfect casual lunch for three women who had never met, but who came together in mutual appreciation.



It’s taken me quite a while to post this entry as the images of the day were too rich to edit, each one hinting at a detail so interesting that I found it difficult to cast any aside. So I haven't. And when it comes to Carter’s story itself, well I must have rewritten this atleast seven times and each time told a different story. A different part of Carter’s life journey. Of all the things that came to bring her to where she is today.


But as I sit here now I realise the beauty perhaps speaks for itself. Carter wore a dress made by her twin sister Harry and canary yellow rubber kitchen clogs. A sentimental and practical partnering that perhaps doesn’t need mentioning but I found so appealing, so unforgivingly Carter.


I hope you enjoy this story of photographs that capture but a mere few hours in Carters home. They deliver the richness in colour that her food does in flavour, and a culmination of a home built around love, food and the environment, all coming together.


More of what Carter does can be found here

And on Instagram @werebros

Photography by Amelia Fullerton